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Poll: Most Support Operation in Gaza

Two-thirds of the Jewish public in Israel favors a tough response to Gaza terrorists’ recent attacks on civilians in the south, according to a poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI).

At the same time, 54% said they believe the government’s current restraint is justified in order to avoid further straining Israel’s relationship with Egypt.

The poll looked into the public’s views on other recent issues as well. Pollsters found overwhelming opposition to “price tag” activities, with 88% opposed to vandalism targeting PA Arabs in retaliation for PA attacks, and 93.5% opposing vandalism that targets the IDF in retaliation for IDF involvement in demolitions.

The public is split over recent controversies involving religion and the IDF, the survey found. While two-thirds agreed that female and male soldiers should continue to participate in cultural and educational events together, respondents were evenly divided on the question of whether female soldiers should be moved from some units in order to allow religious men to serve.

More than 50% of respondents said the widespread social protests of the past summer failed to achieve meaningful change, but 75% remained optimistic and called to continue the protests.

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