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60 Notable Inventions And Contributions From Israel

Israel is known for its high-tech industry and numerous innovations across various fields. Here is a long list of notable inventions and technological contributions from Israel:

  1. USB Flash Drive – Developed by M-Systems, this portable storage device revolutionized data storage and transfer.
  2. Waze – A GPS-based navigation app that provides real-time traffic updates and route suggestions.
  3. ICQ – One of the first instant messaging services, created by Mirabilis.
  4. Iron Dome – A mobile air defense system designed to intercept short-range rockets and artillery shells.
  5. ReWalk – A wearable robotic exoskeleton that enables paraplegics to walk.
  6. PillCam – A swallowable medical device with a camera, used for imaging the digestive tract.
  7. Viber – A cross-platform VoIP and instant messaging app.
  8. Epstein-Barr Virus Vaccine – A vaccine developed to combat the Epstein-Barr virus.
  9. Watergen – Technology that generates clean drinking water from air humidity.
  10. Mobileye – Advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving technologies.
  11. SolarEdge – Innovative solutions for solar energy optimization and management.
  12. OrCam – A wearable device that helps visually impaired people by reading text and recognizing faces.
  13. Kite Patch – A patch that makes humans invisible to mosquitoes, helping to combat malaria.
  14. Capsule Endoscopy – Another medical imaging innovation, allowing for non-invasive examination of the gastrointestinal tract.
  15. Gett (formerly GetTaxi) – An app for hailing taxis and other ride services.
  16. Check Point Software Technologies – A leading provider of cybersecurity solutions.
  17. Given Imaging – Pioneer of capsule endoscopy.
  18. – A cloud-based web development platform.
  19. Netafim – Drip irrigation technology that revolutionized agriculture.
  20. Teva Pharmaceuticals – Known for developing generic drugs and innovative specialty treatments.
  21. NDS (now part of Cisco) – Developer of digital pay TV systems.
  22. Taboola – A content discovery and recommendation platform.
  23. Outbrain – Another leading content recommendation platform.
  24. Innoviz Technologies – Developer of LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles.
  25. Soluto – A service that helps users manage and troubleshoot their PCs.
  26. MeMed – Diagnostic solutions for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections.
  27. Zebra Medical Vision – AI-based medical imaging analytics.
  28. NeuroDerm – Innovative treatments for central nervous system disorders.
  29. Elbit Systems – Defense electronics and systems, including UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).
  30. Iscar – Precision carbide metalworking tools.
  31. SolarEdge Technologies – Solar power optimization and inverters.
  32. Amdocs – Provider of software and services for communications, media, and financial services.
  33. Emefcy – Innovative wastewater treatment solutions.
  34. BioBee – Biological pest control solutions.
  35. Lightricks – Developer of popular photo and video editing apps like Facetune and Enlight.
  36. Pango – A parking payment app.
  37. Mazor Robotics – Robotic guidance systems for spine surgery.
  38. StoreDot – Developer of fast-charging battery technology.
  39. Water-Gen – Devices that extract drinking water from air.
  40. Intuition Robotics – Developer of social companion robots for the elderly.
  41. AnyClip – Video content data and monetization platform.
  42. Aleph Farms – Cultivated meat technology.
  43. BreezoMeter – Air quality analytics.
  44. DayTwo – Personalized nutrition based on gut microbiome analysis.
  45. SodaStream – Home carbonation systems.
  46. Redefine Meat – Plant-based meat alternatives.
  47. Armis Security – IoT security solutions.
  48. Viola Ventures – Venture capital firm backing high-tech startups.
  49. Zebra Medical Vision – AI in medical imaging.
  50. Camero-Tech – Through-wall vision and imaging systems.
  51. BioCatch – Behavioral biometrics for fraud prevention.
  52. Flytrex – Drone-based delivery services.
  53. Gauzy – Smart glass technology.
  54. Innoviz Technologies – LiDAR for autonomous driving.
  55. Electreon – Wireless electric road technology.
  56. DeepOptics – Adaptive focus lenses for eyeglasses.
  57. – Revenue intelligence platform for sales teams.
  58. Lumenis – Medical laser technologies.
  59. Moovit – Public transit app acquired by Intel.
  60. Nanit – Smart baby monitor technology.

This list highlights the diversity and impact of Israeli innovations across various industries, from technology and healthcare to agriculture and cybersecurity.

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