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Tourism to Israel Stable Despite Geopolitical Crises


Israel is about to sign a new tourism agreement with France just as the latest statistics have been released, showing that tourism to the Jewish State is still strong and steady.

“Despite regional events, geopolitical and economic crises, we have been able to stabilize incoming tourism with intensive and targeted marketing in traditional markets in the United States and Europe and more intense activities in new markets in Asia and South America,” said Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov.

The minister is set to sign a tourism agreement on Thursday in France with his counterpart, French Minister of Tourism Frederic LeFebvre.

During the first 10 months of the year, 2.8 million visitors arrived in Israel, including 2.4 million tourists who stayed for more than one night.

The figure reflects a 3 percent decrease compared with the same period last year. However, of the 427,000 day visitors who arrived, 176,000 came by cruise ship – a 36 percent increase over 2010.

In the month of October, 246,000 visitors came to the Jewish State, the highest number to enter Israel over the past several years, except for 2010, when 400,000 arrived. The difference in the figures was due to the fact that this year the Jewish high holy days fell in October.

In addition, the tourism crisis in Egypt continues to influence the cross-border traffic, the Tourism Ministry pointed out.



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