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Terror Trend Rising

According to a report by the Israel Security Agency there was an uptick in terror in October due to increased rocket fire from Hamas-run Gaza.

October 2011 saw an increase in the number of terrorist attacks carried out against Israel — 80, compared with 68 in September.

In October, 46 attacks originated in Gaza, compared to 12 in September. Fifty-two rockets and six mortars were fired at Israel from Gaza in October, compared to eight rockets and two mortars in September.

One Israeli was killed in Ashkelon on October 29 as the result of a Grad rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza.

Israel’s response was to maintain its airstrikes-for-rocket-attacks paradigm, which has come under criticism as maintaining rather than solving the poor security situation of Israel’s Gaza-belt communities.

IDF forces did target Islamic Jihad during counter-strikes, killing 12 terrorists, but analysts say the tactical success is cosmetic and did little to disrupt Gaza’s terror infrastructure, or the hold the Hamas terror organization has on the enclave.

However, the number of attacks in Jerusalem and the Judea and Samaria region decreased slightly in October. In Jerusalem, there were six attacks, compared to 17 the previous month. In Judea and Samaria there were 28 attacks, compared to 39 the previous month.

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