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Solve Israel’s Problems

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About Us

Solve Israel’s Problems
That’s what we’re doing. Why? Because Israel is a great country that does marvelous things for the world. Israel is tiny, but it is a world leader in science, technology, medicine, and many other fields that benefit mankind. It is the only Democracy in the Middle East. It is a trusted ally and supporter of the United States. Israel should be proud of what it has accomplished.

The Situation In Israel
Israel’s main problem is its security. It is surrounded by neighbors who are extreme fanatics that have been taught to hate Israel and the Jewish people. That is the historical way to deflect blame from the dictators of a country whose people are suffering. These extremists constantly threaten and try to destroy Israel. By getting the world to put pressure on Israel to withdraw its borders closer to Israel’s population centers, these extremists may succeed one day.

This quote from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is exactly right. “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.”

Israel needs to improve its reputation in a biased world. The United Nations has many Muslim countries and Israel is the only predominately Jewish one. Because of that, corrupt and oppressive countries get away with murder and Israel is unfairly blamed on a regular basis. The Internet is just the latest way to spread hatred and Anti-Semitic propaganda.

What Our Organization Is Doing About It
Take a look around this website. You’ll see the latest News, Facts, Solutions, and Humor. We are posting lots of solid information everyday. It’s very easy to share these articles and features with anyone you want.

Through an expensive marketing campaign and a strong connection with search engines like Google, thousands of people visit here daily from all over the world. Many of them are political and business leaders. They are learning the good truth and the value of Israel. We’re here to watch out for the misinformation and protect Israel’s reputation. We’re working hard to relieve the pressure and increase the support of Israel. Our organization is making sure Israel survives and prospers.

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