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President Reuven Rivlin paid a condolence call in Shadmot Mehola on Sunday to the family of Shlomit Krigman, 23, who was murdered in a stabbing attack at a local grocery in Beit Horon last Monday. 

“It is so difficult to speak of Shlomit in the past tense, after all that I have heard about her so very full but so very short life,” the President said to Shlomit’s family after they told him of their long and deep connection with the land of Israel over many generations.

“We all play our part in service to the country, each person and their deeds – we lose the very best of our people – and Shlomit was taken from us while doing her part. A girl so full of joy, and so active, with a creative mind, and love for her fellow man,” Rivlin added. 

The President expressed great appreciation for Shlomit’s initiative to set up book-swap libraries on street lampposts in the town.

“I know there can be no real comfort following such a loss, but I want you to know that Shlomit’s special character will be known across the country. She is such a terrible loss, and gave so much during her life,” Rivlin said.

Shlomit’s family has lived in Shadmot Mehola for 22 years, her father, Yitzhak, told Rivlin, noting the family had moved “from Beit Horon when Shlomit was just a small baby.” 

“There she was born, and there she was murdered,” he declared. “She was deeply connected to this place, and talked about living in the Jordan Valley to all she met. She had lived in Beit Horon for the past few years, and there she died. She so enjoyed life.”

As he was leaving the Kirgman home, Rivlin was greeted by children from the community’s kindergarten, and went with them to visit the local branch of the Bnei Akiva youth movement in which Shlomit had been very active, and which was to be rededicated in her memory.

After he planted a tree in the courtyard of the youth club, the President said, “We will all meet again on happier occasions.”

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