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Peres Meets With Bereaved Families

Representatives of the bereaved families of terror victims met with President Shimon Peres on Monday to express their opposition to releasing the terrorists with blood on their hands in exchange for kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

The meeting with Peres comes at the families’ request.

“The President is attentive and open to all citizens of Israel and his duty to give voice to the pain and distress they feel bereaved families and victims of terrorist acts,” his office released in a statement.

Under the deal brokered by the Netanyahu government with the Hamas terror organization 1,027 security prisoners – some 450 of whom were convicted on terrorism related charges – will be released to secure Shalit’s freedom. Of those prisoners, no fewer than 28 were convicted of murdering Israelis.

As president, Peres must sign petitions of clemency for each of the prisoners to be released before the deal can go through. The petitions, along with the recommendation of Justice Minister Neeman for the terrorists pardon, were given to Peres late on Saturday.

Observers say the families, despite Peres’ expressions of sympathy for their pain, are unlikely to sway him from signing the petitions as Peres has already signaled he will do so.

Previously, Peres said his signature would only be affixed to the petitions for the sake of Gilad Shalit’s freedom, and did not signify that he, or Israel, would forgive or forget the crimes of those released.

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