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Peres: I’ll Discuss Pollard with Obama

President Shimon Peres met a group  of bereaved relatives of terror attacks Monday and promised them to talk to U.S. President Barack Obama about Jonathan Pollard. Peres will be receiving the Medal of Freedom from Obama next week.

“This is a moving meeting, and I know what suffering you bear inside you,” Peres told the group, according to Maariv. “Despite the suffering you think of good deeds, mercy and justice. I will relay the depth and emotion with which you spoke to Presdient Obama, too.”

“Pollard’s release is an important goal after 27 years of imprisonment in which he served his sentence,” he added.

The group is made up of people who lost their loved ones to terror attacks, and who recently had to see the murderers of their loved ones released in the Shalit Deal. Yet they have been lobbying Peres for some time now, not on their own behalf but for Pollard. 

Esther Wachsman, whose son Nachshon was abducted and killed by terrorists, recently told Arutz Sheva that she and her husband sent a letter to Peres because they feel it is their responsibility to ensure that this opportunity to rescue Pollard is not missed.

“President Shimon Peres is about to receive the Medal of Freedom from President Obama, and we want to mention that Jonathan Pollard has had no freedom for 27 years,” she said. “He confessed and expressed remorse, and it is time that our brother Jonathan is freed and comes to the State of Israel.”

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