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Mofaz: Iran Nukes Are Obama’s Litmus Test

MK Shaul Mofaz (Kadima), a former IDF Chief of Staff, on Tuesday said that Iran’s nuclear program was the ultimate limtus test for US President Barak Obama’s foreign policy.

“We are approaching the point where there is a balance of terror in the Middle East,” Mofaz said during a speech to the heads of Jewish Federations in Denver, Colorado at their yearly General Assembly.. “Iran’s missile umbrella already covers most European capitals. Anyone who thinks he is safe is making a mistake.”

“The Iranian nuclear issue is not just a Jewish problem, and leaders can no longer hide behind that excuse. It’s time to for the nations of the world to stop talking and eradicate the problem posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” Mofaz said.

“It’s time to deepen economic sanctions on Iran, to its intellectual institutions and its critical economic engines,” said Mofaz, stressing “Israeli military action is the last option – and worst – at the moment, but all options should remain on the table.”

Mofaz added that “the world must understand we cannot accept the reality of a nuclear Iran.”

Mofaz said he who ignores the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program needs “to open his eyes.”

“Nuclear weapons in Iranian hands cannot be allowed,” Mofaz said. “This is the task before the American government, which must do its duty. A nuclear Iran is not just a Jewish problem, but a a problem for the entire free world.”

“The efficacy of the American response will be the ultimate litmus test of President Obama’s foreign policy,” Mofaz concluded.

Mofaz’s comments echoed those of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beteinu) earlier on Tuesday.

Mofaz is a former IDF chief of staff who has also served both as Israel’s minister of Defense and Transportation. He is expected to challenge Kadima faction head Tzipi Livni in the upcoming party primaries.

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