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‘Look after your brothers’

To mark 40 years of his widespread public activity, Rabbi Asher Weiss has asked the general public to help spread the message of Torah.

Most people know Rabbi Weiss because of his lessons, which are transmitted throughout Israel and globally to tens of thousands, and for his lectures targeting all types of Israeli audiences.

The partitions that some people place between the general public, the religious Zionists and haredim, do not exist for him. Rabbis from all types and kinds of congregations worldwide often send him their queries.

He has given fascinating lessons in Sderot, Givat Shmuel, Bnei Brak and Jerusalem, as well as the US, South America and throughout Europe.

Many of his students are medical doctors, to whom he is happy to dispense advice on the most sensitive questions.

For the first time, the rabbi told about his father’s last will and testament, and did so in his own voice. The story is embedded hereby in a Youtube video.

Rabbi Weiss wants to partner with the public. The goal is to continue to spread the rabbi’s teachings through his books, to expand the houses of learning by adding rabbis from his best students, to develop the website Tevuna for questions and answers, and to hold conferences on medicine and Halacha worldwide, and other confabs on Financial Laws, at his Beit Midrash for teaching.

This day’s success will make it possible to enlarge the numerous circles of kindness that support needy families and assist the socio-economically weak from all streams/

In the next 24 hours, every shekel donated will be quadrupled by donors from Israel and the world. You are hereby invited to take part.

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