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Jordan Denies Iraqi Oil Reaching Israel

Jordan is fending off accusations that Iraqi oil is reaching Israel.
Jordanian Media and Communications Minister Rakan al-Majali denied at a news conference with Iraqi journalists Wednesday in Amman that the black gold is being smuggled to the Jewish State.
The official Jordan News Agency (Petra) quoted al-Majali as saying the claims were unfounded, and aimed at harming Jordan’s claims with Iraq.
He added that the accusations were ‘tantamount to a conspiracy aimed at intimidating’ the Hashemite Kingdom.
“How can oil be smuggled to Israel, while Jordan needs every drop,” he pointed out.
Iraqis have faced some difficulties entering the kingdom recently, both at airports and at the border crossings – a point raised by the media delegation as well.
Al-Majali responded that ‘Jordan has seen a large influx of Iraqis after 2003 that exceeded its capabilities and forced it to put controls to regulate entry to its territory.’

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