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Israel’s Government Goes Big on Twitter

The Israeli government this week launched an official English-language Twitter account that consolidates tweets from a myriad of government departments. The move appears to be a tacit acknowledgment that many adult “anglo” immigrants don’t make the jump to Hebrew-language media.

The new site, IsraelGov_in_English, is listed as a “pilot” account and is intended to provide “news, notes and updates from governmental agencies.”

“This simply makes life easier for those of us who find it difficult to read Hebrew to get what we need, when and how we need it, without the constant struggle,” Sarah S. told Arutz Sheva.

A busy mother of four, the veteran immigrant from New York added, “It’s not that I can’t read Hebrew; I can, and I do for all kinds of official documents. But do I ever go on to Facebook or Twitter or any other media site in Hebrew? Never. It’s just not comfortable.”

A quick scan on the page by Arutz Sheva Thursday afternoon showed a link to the new Israel Railways website, a tweet that Thursday was the birthday of the late former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, an alert that two 650-meter tunnels are soon to replace the old Har’el bridge on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, and more.

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