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IDF orphans gain strength in America

Shlomi Nahumson, IDFWO Youth Director commented: “This trip is a life changing event for everyone involved, the participants, the counselors and even the host families. We come to celebrate life and temporarily ease the emotional baggage that these children carry with them daily. Watching us from a distance, smiling, laughing and enjoying, you wouldn’t realize the pain and anguish these children have suffered from such an early age. At home they often have the chores and responsibilities of an adult, while at the IDFWO Otzma programs they are allowed to be children again, albeit temporarily.”

The youths will have pool parties, go canoeing, visit Six Flags amusement park, watch the Chicago White Sox, Niagara Falls, as well as visit Madame Tussauds, Times Square, and Walmart.

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