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Arab Hackers Target Diaspora Museum

The website of the Diaspora Museum was defaced by Arab hackers late Thursday, who flooded the site’s Arabic home page with Islamic slogans like “For God the Merciful and Compassionate.”

Diaspora Museum CEO Avinoam Armoni said the attack left no doubt the museum’s initiative to reach the Arab world with accurate facts about Jewish history was enjoying success.

“Selecting the website of the Jewish Diaspora museum shows our site has become popular,” Armoni said. “We apologize to site visitors – and are taking immediate action to remove the nuisance.”

Earlier this month, several government web-servers crashed leading to speculation they had come under attack by hackers in the Arab world.

Speculations were fueled by previous reports in late summer that hackers had obtained security servers for numerous government websites, including those of the GSS, IDF, and Mossad.

However, an investigation headed by Israel’s Finance Ministry revealed the cascading server failure was the result of a hardware malfunction.

“According to our investigation, and additional testing, whose results were presented to Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, no Internet-oriented terrorist attack took place,” the Finance Ministry said. “The problem resulted from a faulty server farm storage component.”

Nonetheless, Israeli websites have frequently been defaced by hackers with anti-Israeli agendas — often leaving Islamic net graffiti in Arabic — in recent years.

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