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Ahmadinejad: Zionism Sacred to West

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday launched into his customary tirade against Israel and the West at the United Nations.

Announcing he planned “to analyze the current situation from a different angle,” Ahmadinejad immediately lambasted Israel saying the “Zionist regime imposes terror on the Palestinian people.”

Ahmadinejad also cast aspersion on the Holocaust and hinted the September 9/11 attacks occurred under dubious circumstances as well.

The world, Ahmadinejad mused, “must wonder, if after six decades the Holocaust is still used as an excuse to pay ransom to the Zionists… what will happen if the same amount of money was allocated to poor nations?”

He then accused the United States and its allies of “threatening anyone who questions the Holocaust and the events of 9/11 with military actions… and treating Zionism as sacred.”

In addition, Ahmadinejad questioned why U.S. troops did not take Osama bin Laden alive and put him on trial.

The statement prompted the American and French ambassadors – followed by dozens of other delegates – to leave the Assembly Hall.

Ahmadinejad’s trademark surreal rhetoric and nutty analysis of world events has long been seeped with Holocaust denial and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

His government has also underwritten Holocaust denial conferences and “studies”.

Ahmadinejad’s hateful remarks outraged the American diplomats, who walked out during the speech:

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