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US Teenage Muslim Charged in ‘Jihad Jane’ Terror Plot

Mohammed Hassan Khalid, a high school honors student from Pakistan, has been formally charged with helping Colleen LaRose, aka “Jihad Jane,” to kill the Swedish cartoonist who drew a caricature of the Muslim prophet Mohammed with a turban and a bomb.

The indictment filed by federal prosecutors also accuses Khalid of using the Internet to raise money for terrorist activities. He was arrested in July at his home near Baltimore.

Khalid allegedly tried to recruit people to wage a Jihad “holy war” in Europe and Asia. At the age of 15, he met online with Colleen LaRose, who called herself Jihad Jane in YouTube videos.

Indictments also were filed against a second Muslim, 46-year-old Ali Charaf Damache, an Algerian who married another American suspect, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, in Ireland.

Damache tried to recruit men and women to train with an Al Qaeda offshoot in Algeria.

“Today’s indictment, which alleges a terrorist conspiracy involving individuals around the globe who connected via the Internet — including a teenager and two women living in America — underscores the evolving nature of violent extremism,” Lisa Monaco, an assistant attorney for national security, stated.

Khalid is now 18 and was charged as an adult although he was only 15 and 16 when he committed the alleged offenses.

The indictment charges Khalid with hiding a passport that LaRose apparently stole from a boyfriend and gave to him.

La Rose, or Jihad Jane, has pleaded guilty to charges against her and faces a sentence of life in prison. 

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