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Jerusalem Police Stand Down from Terror Alert

Israel’s Jerusalem District Police commander announced the city had returned to normal security levels after being on high alert on Monday. The General Security Services, however, are continuing their to pursue intelligence related to the matter.

Earlier Monday, helicopters, ground forces and medics are on high alert after intelligence officials warned of an imminent terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

A large number of police were deployed at entrances to the capital as helicopters over overhead. The warning focused on the neighborhood of Romema, located near the Central Bus Station at the western entrance to Jerusalem.

Pictures of the suspected terrorist were distributed, and police searched areas of the Belz Yeshiva.

Security forces and volunteers responded to the security alert of a terrorist attack on the heels of last week’s release of 477 terrorists and security prisoners in exchange for the return of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

Nearly 600 more prisoners and terrorists will be released in two months in the second stage of the arrangement.

Since the release, terrorists have staged at least three stabbing attacks, one of them seriously wounding a teenage boy in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot on the Sabbath.

An Arab terrorist earlier this year killed one tourist and wounded approximately 20 others in a bomb attack at the Jerusalem Convention Center, located on a street parallel to the bus station.

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