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‘Shalit Deal Terrorist’ Wounded, in IDF Hands

A terrorist released in the Shalit deal is reportedly hospitalized and under IDF guard.

According to the family of a Jewish man hospitalized at Hadassah in Jerusalem, he has recently had to share his room with a terrorist who was apparently shot in the course of IDF counter-terror activity. The terrorist is under constant police and IDF guard.

The relatives told Arutz Sheva that they have been told that the terrorist was freed in the recent Shalit deal, and was recaptured after engaging in terror activity against Israel. This claim is currently uncorroborated.

The family members claim that the Arab man often behaves in a rowdy fashion and shouts in Arabic. They want him removed from the room.

The Jewish man was brought to the room for recovery from an operation for intestinal cancer. A few days later, the terrorist was wheeled in and he has had to suffer his presence ever since.

The Jewish man’s grandson said: “I think it is madness to hold this terrorist in the same room as my grandfather. This is a terrorist with the blood of Jews on his hands – the family is having a hard time dealing with the presence of this thing in our room. I don’t understand – where is the hospital’s sensitivity?”

Arutz Sheva has not yet received a response from Hadassah Hospital.

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