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Latma Star’s New Album: Touching and Personal

Noam Jacobson is known to many for his appearances on the sketches produced by the satirical website Latma. But his new musical album shows a different side of Jacobson, who graduated from the famous Israeli Rimon School of music and who holds a BA in music from the Bar-Ilan University.

Jacobson describes his debut album, which came out three months ago, as “Israeli music with a very Jewish attitude to it.”

The album is meant to be “very intimate, pinpointed on the way that the Jewish attitude to the secular world” should be.

Jacobson told Arutz Sheva that the album is his way of communicating with G-d, adding, “There’s a statement even when I’m not talking about my relationship with G-d. It’s a part of my world. It’s a part of everybody’s world, I think.”

Several of the songs talk about Jacobson’s mother, who was sick with cancer. The song deals with his relationship with his mother as well as with his prayers for her recovery when she was sick.

“These are very moving songs for me, both in the album and during the performances,” he said. “They always bring tears to my eyes when I sing them. The moment they stop being moving, I’ll stop singing them.”

Three singles from Jacobson’s album were released to the radio stations, including “Yafati” (my beauty), which was highly successful and spent a month and a half on the weekly countdown of Reshet Gimmel, the Kol Yisrael radio station which is dedicated to Israeli music.

In addition to acting on Latma, Jacobson is also a member of the Jewish band Inyan Acher which performs at weddings. He said that he feels there is no contradiction between the different things he does.

“They’re all me, so for me there’s no contradiction between all of them. It’s different parts of my world.”

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