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Ketzaleh: Rock Attack May Have Killed Crash Victims

The victims of a car crash Friday afternoon on Road 60 near Hevron Asher Plamer, 25, of Kiryat Arba, and his two year old son Yonatan, may have been the victims of a rock attack, said National Union chairman MK Ya’akov Katz (Ketzaleh) . The vehicle they were traveling in overturned late Friday afternoon.

Police investigating the tragedy said that the incident was a driving accident, and was not caused by rock-throwing, as had been rumored Friday. Police said that the vehicle was traveling at very high speed and veered off the road and hit a pile of stones, causing it to overturn. The vehicle actually turned over twice, police said, and veered some 80 meters off the road.

Ketzaleh, who joined the initial investigation team and observed their work, said that the spot where the crash occurred was known to be one where rock-throwing was common, at all hours of the day.

Ketzaleh said that a large block was found in the vehicle that may have hit the driver in the head before the car veered off the road. “There is a suspicion that police are not telling the whole truth here in order to avoid unrest. But there is a strong suspicion that the father and son were killed by rock-throwing Arabs.” He demanded that police do everything in their power to find the culprits.

Kiryat Arba Local Authority head Malachi Levinger asked IDF officials operating in the area to conduct a thorough investigation into the possibility that Palmer and his son were killed in a rock-throwing attack. “The evidence, combined with the sensitive timing, require such an investigation, until it is proven that the Palmers were not the victims of a terror attack,” he said.

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