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FM Lieberman: UN Speech Abbas’ Most Anti-Israel Ever

The speech made by Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas “was the worst example of anti-Israel incitement and vitriol I have ever heard,” Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said over the weekend. Abbas, who throughout the speech called Israel a “colonial occupying power,” accused Israel of targeting civilians and arbitrarily destroying crops, schools, mosques and hospitals. He demanded that the United Nations recognize Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem as an Arab state, without further negotiations with Israel.

The language that used by Abbas, who spoke in Arabic to the cheers of UN General Assembly delegates, was especially troubling, said Lieberman. “It was an appeal to the darkest forces,” Lieberman said. “He talked about how Israel was destroying Islamic holy places, how the IDF is responsible for the ‘price tag’ actions, the IDF sending attack dogs against Palestinians. He talked about the ‘ethos’ of Arafat and how terrorists are really ‘political prisoners.’ Apparently he forgot about the murders of the Fogel family of Itamar,” said Lieberman, who walked out when Abbas began speaking.

Speaking to Channel 10, Lieberman was asked whether there was a chance that talks could start up with the Palestinians soon. The Foreign Minister was skeptical. “Apparently they have made a strategic decision not to speak to us. Since the establishment of the current government, we have been asking the Palestinians to speak to us. We even made the difficult decision to freeze building in Judea and Samaria for ten months, but after a speech like Abbas’ it’s clear they probably have no intention to return to negotiations.”

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