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Iran Producing Advanced Combat Helicopters

Iran has begun to produce advanced combat helicopters for its army, capable of carrying out land and sea missions.

Brigadier General Hooshang Yari, commander of the ground forces aviation service, told the state-run IRNA news agency Wednesday the combat helicopters are carrying automatic machine guns.

Yari said Iranian scientists have been working on the military helicopters to increase their engine power.

In addition, “Iran has already taken steps to manufacture spare parts for its military equipment in different specialized fields and is currently self-sufficient in this respect,” he said.

The Iranian official said that Tehran was working on producing military preparedness to “thwart unequal wars like Iraq, Afghanistan and conflicts in the Balkans.”  Meanwhile, its nuclear technology development programs are also proceeding apace, despite international condemnation and sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic to convince Tehran to abandon the project.

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