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IAEA to Spell Out Concerns on Iran Nuclear Tech

The world may finally soon know exactly what most concerns the  United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency about Iranian nuclear development.

The international atomic watchdog agency is expected to explain – in a detailed report – exactly why it believes Iran may be developing a nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

The report is being prepared for presentation at a November 17-18 meeting of the IAEA’s 35-nation board of governors.

If it spells out a clear enough nuclear threat, the report may prompt the agency’s board to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council — not for the first time. Iran has been the target of several rounds of economic sanctions due to its refusal to abandon its uranium enrichment activities.

Numerous countries have urged IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano to plainly declare whether or not he believes there are military elements in Iran’s nuclear program – and whether those activities are continuing.

“Many countries have called on Amano to give his best possible assessment of the possible military dimension of Iran’s nuclear program,” one Western diplomat told News24. Israel, the United States, France and others have becoming increasingly convinced that Iran is working towards the development of a nuclear weapon, threatening the stability of the entire world.

Amano said for his part that he planned to “set out in greater detail the basis for the agency’s concerns.”

The veteran Japanese diplomat said last month that he was becoming “increasingly concerned” about possible activity in Iran to develop a nuclear payload for a missile. The IAEA has apparently continued to receive information justifying those concerns.

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