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31 Die Monday in Syria’s Continuing Crackdown

Syria’s crackdown on protesters across the country is continuing, but opposition activists are beginning to fight back.

At least 31 people died Monday in clashes between protesters and Syrian soldiers. However, among the dead were 17 members of the Syrian army, as well as 14 civilian protesters, according to eyewitnesses quoted by human rights activists.

Most of the deaths took place in the city of Homs, invaded by government forces several weeks ago.

A week ago, Syrian troops detained more than 3,000 people in the nearby town of al-Rastan, activists told the Associated Press.

In response, the United States imposed additional sanctions on Syria, announcing it would prohibit American firms from selling telecommunications equipment to the government, but not to private companies.

According to local sources and eyewitness reports, much of the fighting now appears to be between Syrian army troops and defectors who have since abandoned the government force.

The latest death toll count has reached 2,900, according to a United Nations human rights organization estimate. The agency has said the figure may include army troops as well as civilian protesters. 

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