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Hamas: Expect More Attacks in Israeli Cities

A top Hamas terrorist on Wednesday threatened to carry out terror attacks in the heart of Israel’s biggest population centers in order to force Israel to release thousands of terrorists in Israeli prisons. Halil al-Hiya said that “the time has come to strike at the heart of the enemy’s territory so that our prisoners do not feel abandoned.”

Al-Hiya, speaking at a rally in Gaza supporting hunger strikes several terrorists held by Israel have undertaken recently, said that the current situation, in which mass terror attacks in Israeli cities have diminished significantly from their levels just a few years ago, could change in an instant. “To those who plan against the resistance, saying that it is inactive, we say that coals are burning under the surface of the sand.”

Al-Hiya attributed the current calm to Hamas’ decision not to “rock the boat” in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria. Hamas, he said, could easily decide to activate terror cells in Judea and Samaria or inside the Green Line, if it wanted to.

The issue of freeing all terrorists was key to any deal the PA makes with Israel, said Al-Hiya, as important as the status of Jerusalem or the fate of descendants of Arabs who fled Israel in 1948. Both Hamas and Fatah were on total agreement on this, he said, adding that all elements of the PA agree that no deal is possible without a mass terrorist release.

Al-Hiya said he wished to see the issue of a mass terrorist release promoted by Arab communities around the world, especially in the West, in order to elicit sympathy and increase pressure on Israel to free terrorists. Arab countries, too, should be dedicating a part of their time and effort to this issue, since “it concerns all Muslims and Arabs,” Al-Hiya added.

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