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Arab Couple Suspect in Murder of Yafo Woman

Police said Sunday that they have solved the murder of a 78 year old woman in Yafo (Jaffa) a year and a half ago.

The murder of Shoshana Levi was carried out by an Arab man from Kalkilye, aged 25, who along with his ex-wife, 24, tied the victim’s arms and legs and then choked her to death, the police said. The Arabs were caught after an extensive and complicated investigation, which included investigative work in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, police said.

The murderers planned to rob and then murder the woman. She tried to fight them during the robbery and they stuffed clothes into her mouth, causing her to choke and die. Her body was discovered by her grandson.

Police found DNA evidence in the apartment that led them to the suspects, who were arrested two weeks ago. An Arab from Kalansawa was also arrested on suspicion of assisting the murderers, and four other suspected accomplices were arrested and released on bail.

Police are now investigating if the pair also murdered an 80 year old man in the Hatikvah neighborhood of Tel Aviv two months before Levi was murdered. Police at the time said that the two murders had been committed using very similar means.

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