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Yesha Council Director: Conflict Claims a Lie

A report claiming that Naftali Bennet, Director-General of the Yesha Council, is leaving over his support for “cost of living” protests is untrue, Bennet told Arutz Sheva.

An article in Maariv claimed that the real reason behind Bennet’s departure was “a deep ideological dispute with Yesha Council head Danny Danon” that centered on Bennet’s visit to protest tents in Tel Aviv over the summer. Danon was “very angry” over the visit and relations between the two have been tense ever since, the report claimed.

Bennet told Arutz Sheva that he had made it clear to Maariv that the report was a lie, but it was printed anyway, albeit with quotes from both Bennet and Danon, each praising the other and stating that they are parting on good terms.

Bennet clarified that he supported some aspects of the “cost of living” protest movement, and appreciated its power to restore Israelis’ faith in their ability to make change. However, he said, he did not support many of the protest organizers, particularly those who have expressed extreme-left views.

He plans to finish the secular calendar year in his current position, he said, then to move on “to continue acting on behalf of the land of Israel and the people of Israel.”

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