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‘We must shake off the hallucinatory far-left’

Amid an urgent Knesset session over the recently revealed conduct of far-left NGOs and activist groups, MK Yoav Kish (Likud) called on the opposition to issue staunch condemnation.

Kish particularly to task the New Israel Fund (NIF), who released a new video on Wednesday accusing the current government of inciting against practically every sector of Israeli society.

The video was seen as a response to damning revelations concerning the involvement of far-left activists and organizations funded by or associated with the New Israel Fund in a number of shocking activities. Most notably, a recent expose revealed how extreme-leftist Ezra Nawi handed over Palestinians to the PA for execution, with the help of an activist from B’Tselem.

Kish blasted the NIF’s campaign, saying that “when there are no answers, when they don’t know how to handle the truth – this is the direction they go in.”

“We need to shake off the hallucinatory extreme-left, just as we do on the right side of the political spectrum,” Kish asserted. “The embrace those same organizations receive from the knights of democracy is staining the entire Left.” 

“The time has come to join hands, this entire house together, and to say – we shake off these fringe elements,” he added. 

Kish also urged the opposition parties to join in backing his “Shatulim” (lit. “planted” – Heb. – ed.) bill, which seeks to offer the public more transparency about the funding of Israeli NGOs who frequently criticize the state and the IDF abroad. 

“When I proposed the Shatulim bill in the Knesset, I waited in vain for members of the opposition to join the consensus and end the foreign-funded vilification of Israel and IDF soldiers,” he declared. 

“Today, after countless investigations into the matter, I can no longer stand aside. Whoever claimed he didn’t know then, knows now.”

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