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Video: Arab Rioters Hurl Rocks at IDF, One Soldier Hurt

A small Arab rally in support of the Palestinian Authority’s bid for UN recognition turned into a rock-throwing riot at the Kalandia IDF checkpoint north of Jerusalem Friday, injuring one soldier lightly.

PA politician Mustafa Barghouti organized the protest, in which only 200 Arabs participated, an indication that Israeli and American opposition to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ latest political ploy has not ignited an Arab Spring-style  uprising among the silent majority of Palestinian Authority Arabs who live on a higher standard and have more rights than their brethren in the MIddle East.

Abbas has promised that all demonstrations will be peaceful. The IDF did not retaliate against the rock-throwers, who dispersed shortly after the attack on the soldiers.

“This really gives you an idea of what we’re going to see over the next two weeks … non-violent protests that border on violence,” Al Jazeera reported.

IDF spokesman Barak Raz said that the protest was the “type of protest we can live with.”

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