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US Embassy Warns of Arab Terror in Southern Israel

The Tel Aviv Warden of the U.S. Embassy is warning American citizens to “exercise caution and take appropriate measures to ensure their safety and security” while traveling along the border with Egypt.

A “credible threat of increased terrorist activity near the border between Israel and Egypt” is in effect, according to the alert sent by email to all citizens on the embassy’s list. This is not the first such alert sent this month, warning of Arab terrorism.

“Due to proximity to the border area, surrounding areas adjacent to the Gulf of Aqaba in Israel, Egypt and Jordan could be affected.”

Those who do decide to travel in the south, noted the embassy, “should monitor local news sources to find the latest information on the situation, as it can change unexpectedly.”

A terrorist alert that was declared Friday in the Eilat region is still in effect, according to Israeli security sources.

Intelligence information was received indicating that terrorist groups roaming the Sinai Peninsula are planning an attack similar to the one in which eight Israelis were murdered on August 18 north of Eilat, on Route 12.

In the aftermath of that attack, a multi-pronged operation carried out by a Popular Resistance Committees terrorist cell comprised of some 20 members, six Egyptian security officers also died.

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