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UN Condemns Rocket Fire But Urges ‘Israeli Restraint’

The international community is starting to condemn Gaza terrorists for rocket attacks on southern Israel – but has urged Israel to “restrain” itself in responding to the deadly barrages.

A fresh battery of rocket attacks resumed Monday afternoon, with Grad Katyusha missiles fired at the southern Israeli city of Be’er Sheva, and numerous other rockets, mostly short-range Kassams, aimed at other towns and cities in the western Negev. 

The French Foreign Ministry on Monday denounced the rocket fire aimed at Israeli civilians from Gaza. French officials earlier in the day expressed concern over “a possible escalation” of tensions, and called on Palestinian Authority terrorists and Israel to both show “maximum restraint” and respect the “agreement of calm.”

The day before, on Sunday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon also had condemned the rocket fire – but likewise called for “maximum Israeli restraint” in responding to the lethal attacks.

“The secretary-general has been following with deep concern the recent escalation of violence and bloodshed in southern Israel and Gaza,” said a statement issued by Ban’s spokesman.

The secretary-general “condemns rocket fire from Gaza, which has killed an Israeli civilian, and calls for its complete cessation,” the statement said.

“He urges maximum Israeli restraint following the killing of a reported 10 alleged militants. [The secretary-general] hopes that the parties will fully respect the calm as brokered by Egypt,” the statement continued, and added the international body’s Office of the Special Coordinator remains “actively engaged in supporting these efforts.”

A 56-year-old Ashkelon man died of shrapnel wounds when a missile slammed into his car on Saturday. Sixteen people were wounded in numerous other rocket and mortar attacks throughout the weekend, and 14 people were taken to hospital with severe anxiety and trauma reactions. Others who suffered with moderate trauma responses and anxiety attacks were provided with treatment within their respective communities, including Ashdod, Gan Yavne, Be’er Sheva, and elsewhere.

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