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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Visits Western Wall

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Konstantin Grishchenko, visited the Kotel (Western Wall) on Sunday. He was accompanied by Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Reuven Dinel, and Ukraine’s Ambassador to Israel, Hennadii Nadolenko.

The three were led by Rabbi Mordechai Elihav, the Director-General of the Wall Heritage Foundation and Rabbi Yossi Kurzweil of Chabad, who was recently appointed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to oversee the relations between the Jewish organizations in Ukraine and the Foreign Ministry.

Grishchenko, for whom this was the first visit to the Western Wall, left a note in the wall and read several Psalms. He then continued to a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels, where he was impressed by the recently discovered archaeological findings.

Grishchenko added that he was very excited by his Western Wall visit and added that he will be back for another visit the next time he is in Israel.





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