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Ukraine Hosts Int’l Conference to Fight Anti-Semitism

Lawmakers from around the world this week tackled the thorny issue of fighting anti-Semitism at the International Consultation of Parliamentarians in Kiev. The conference, spearheaded by Oleksandr Feldman, Ukrainian MP and president of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, brought together legislators to discuss the issue of countering Jew-hatred, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Among the countries represented were Israel, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and the United Kingdom. The initiative is supported by the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism (ICCA) and Ukraine’s parliament in Kiev.

“There continues to be a troubling rise in global acts of anti-Semitism in recent years, with a growing number of Jewish communities forced to live under the almost constant threat of violence and unrest,” stated Feldman. “This Consultation brings together international lawmakers and provides the opportunity to maintain a united front, display a common commitment to fight anti-Semitism and develop effective counter-strategies.”

Lawmakers who attended the gathering met with Ukraine Parliamentary leaders, Ukraine MPs and top government officials. There were also working sessions with the country’s Parliament, as well as with the local Jewish community.

Israeli MK Alex Miller used his address to the Ukrainian Parliament to focus attention on Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the existential threat it presents to his country. He urged the conference legislators and those in the Ukraine Parliament to “ask your countries’ leaders to take decisive action against the calls from Iran to ‘do away’ with Israel.”

The conference, held September 18-19, was also scheduled to mark the 70th anniversary of the massacre at Babi Yar. More than 33,000 Jews were murdered by the Nazis over the course of two days in September 1941 in one of the bloodiest operations of the Holocaust.

Ultimately, 100,000 Jews fell victim to the Nazis and their collaborators at Babi Yar.

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