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U.S. in Anti-Statehood Diplomatic Campaign

The United States has begun a diplomatic campaign to get a majority in the United Nations Security Council against the Palestinian Authority’s bid for unilateral statehood. The U.S. is hoping that, with support from others on the council, it can avoid using its veto.

American officials have declared that they will veto the PA move if necessary, leaving PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas without official UN approval for his plan for an Arab state on the entire territory of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Other countries on the Security Council are China, Germany, France, Russia, Britain, Brazil, Lebanon, India, Colombia, Gabon, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some, such as Russia and Lebanon, have already pledged their support to the PA.

Meanwhile, Israeli leaders are continuing their own diplomatic efforts to counter the unilateral move, which they believe will undermine chances for peace by ending negotiations. “A unilateral decision at the United Nations will prevent, in the future, the necessary concessions on their side necessary for peace,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently warned.

Netanyahu is to speak at the UN prior to the vote. He has tried to keep expectations realistic, saying last week, “I will speak the truth to whoever is interested in hearing it.”

Both Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will take part in a series of diplomatic meetings prior to the vote. Barak is to leave Sunday for a round of meetings in the United States, while Lieberman will begin in Canada, later joining Netanyahu in New York for the UN vote.

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