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Two Personal Motions Filed Against Release of Murderers


The families of two terror victims have filed legal motions against the release of their loved ones’ murderers. The motions join the collective ones filed by terror victims’ groups against the Shalit deal.

The Shorhsan family has filed a motion demanding that the terrorists who murdered Doron Shorshan of Kfar Darom remain behind bars. Shorshan was killed in early 1992 when terrorists waiting in ambush gunned him down as he returned home from the greenhouses where he worked.

He left behind a wife and two children, as well as a mother and two sisters.

The second motion was filed by relatives of Sasson Nuriel, who was murdered in September 2005. Two members of the terror cell persuaded Nuriel, who worked with them in Mishor Adumim, to drive to A-Ram with them in order to buy a coffee machine. In the course of the drive they pulled out a gun and kidnapped him to Ramallah.

He was taken to an apartment and photographed blindfolded. He was later murdered with a knife and his body was dumped in Bitunia.


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