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Turkish Paper Publishes Alleged Names of Commando Soldiers

A Turkish newspaper has published a list of 174 names of Israelis – mostly soldiers – it says were involved in the raid on the Mavi Marmara in 2010.

The paper, Sabah, reported that intelligence sources in Turkey transferred the list of names to the prosecutor in charge of the Marmara case in the Turkish Justice Ministry. The names were identified using Facebook and Twitter, among other means, it said.

“Almost all of the soldiers who took part in the killing of nine Turks and the wounding of 30 others have been identified,” the paper claimed. It added that the identification process began after Israel failed to comply with the demand by the Turkish Justice Ministry that it provide the names of the Israelis who took part in the raid.

The team that claims to have identified the soldiers also gained access to communications between the soldiers and friends they share, the report said.

The list is headed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and includes the Minister of Defense, Foreign Minister and IDF Spokesman. Further down the list are the IDF Chief of Staff, the Commander of the Navy and other senior officers. The list goes in descending order of seniority down to the commando soldiers who allegedly took part in the raid. 

The IDF has announced it has taken steps to protect the commandos and other officers who took part in the Mavi Marmara raid.

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