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The Special Cafe Run by the Disabled and Handicapped

Everyone loves to have a daily cup of coffee and many people, especially in Israel, like to have it in a coffeehouse.

Israel is filled with coffeehouses, but there is one special coffeehouse: the Nagish Café in the town of Ramat Yishai in northern Israel. What makes this coffeehouse special is that it is accessible to people of all disabilities, from wheelchair-bound people to the blind and to those who are hard of hearing.

Another aspect that makes Nagish Café special is the fact that it is also run entirely by handicapped people.

“First of all, the café gives the employees the feeling of getting up in the morning and having something to do, that society hasn’t forgotten them,” Yehudit Zamir, co-founder of Nagish Café, told Arutz Sheva.

“There are people that, without this place, will not be accepted to work by anyone,” she added. “I can speak about myself. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I’m a kindergarten teacher and the work force couldn’t accept me anymore because after a certain hour I can’t speak, I can’t function. No job can hold on to me. But here they take my needs into account. That’s what is important to me and in addition I feel that I can serve the people who come here.”

Zamir noted that in the Nagish Café, “food is served slowly and with love.” The café’s motto is that tasty food is served slowly.

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