The scandal of discrimination by colour

August 5, 2016  

All About the shameful necessity for a Jewish State to need a government investigation and report into the extensive discrimination against our Ethiopian brothers and sisters, that permeates through all spheres of Israeli society.

Our enemies never did, nor do they today distinguish Jews on the basis of ethnicity or colour. How dare we? All Jews are equal.

Listen: To the different conclusions of an expert, and a veteran journalist, about the consequences if either Clinton or Trump reach the Oval Office, how their policies would impact on Israel and what part the Congress plays.

Decide: If to preserve the government coalition is more important than the education of our children. The Knesset has taken the county on a giant leap backward when it voted to scrap the core curriculum for the haredi schools so that they do no longer have to teach English, math and sciences, the tools for the labor market.

Also: Israel continues to strengthen ties with Africa, a considerable block of 54 votes in the UN.

A group of UN Ambassadors are currently touring Israel. Their guide, our Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon stressed that there is nothing like a visit to Israel to understand the issues.

Plus: Walter rebukes American Jewry for their lack of commitment to Israel.

And: More.


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