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Terrorist Nabbed in Attempted Attack in Samaria

The security officer of Hevron area community foiled am apparent terrorist attack at dawn Tuesday morning and held an armed Hevron Arab until the IDF arrived and took him into custody.

The 30-year-old suspected terrorist was carrying a 4-inch knife when he was spotted and caught by security officers at the southern Hevron Hills community of Otniel, located between Hevron and Be’er Sheva. Sources at Otniel told Arutz Sheva the suspect tried to resist but was quickly overwhelmed by the first response team.

Two weeks ago, a similar attempt to kill Jews in Judea and Samaria ended with the terrorist escaping.

An infiltration of the security fence was detected at the community of Talmon in Samaria, and local security forces ordered residents into their homes.

The IDF and the local first response security force surrounded the community and spotted the terrorist who had broken through the fence.

The soldiers followed the procedures for arresting a suspect, called for him to stop and cocking their rifles in preparation to fire. Following routine instructions, they did not shoot because the terrorist was not in the act of attacking them, and he took the opportunity to flee.

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