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Syrian Prisoner Claims: I Helped Kill Mughniyeh

Syria has broadcast the alleged confession of a Jordanian man to involvement in the killing of Hizbullah arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in Damascus three years ago. The prisoner who allegedly confessed said he worked with Israel.

The confession, broadcast on Syrian national television, was meant to show that foreign countries are plotting against Syria. President Bashar Assad has attempted to portray months of protests against his regime as “terrorism” resulting from foreign interference.

The alleged spy was identified as 35-year-old Eyad Yousef Enaym, a Jordanian man with family in the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Hevron. Enaym said he was recruited by Israel in 2006 during a visit to Hevron, and gave his handlers information on activity in Syrian ports.

In addition, he said, he gave them information on a silver car he saw in Damascus – a car that he later discovered belonged to Mughniyeh, who was killed hours later.

The confession has been greeted with some skepticism, as Syrian authorities have frequently been accused of torture. A recent Amnesty International report included 52 incidents in which prisoners were killed behind bars with torture playing a major role in the death.

Syria has blamed Israel for Mughniyeh’s death since the beginning, as have Hizbullah and Iran. Israel has officially denied involvement in the assassination.

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