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Sunni Leader Warns Jews over ‘Judaizing’ Jerusalem

The sheikh of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, a top religious authority of Sunni Muslims, warned Israel Sunday not to continue the “Judaization” of Jerusalem – that is, not to continue settling Jews in its capital.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayib held a news conference in which he declared that the Judaization of “Al Quds” (as Muslims know Jerusalem) and harming the AL Aqsa Mosque compound are a red line and would lead to the annihilation of “the Zionist entity in Palestine” – i.e., Israel.

Historical facts clearly point to Jerusalem being an Arab city that was built by the “Arab Jebusites,” he added.

He claimed that Zionists who lean on imperialist Western forces in Judaizing Jerusalem endanger their own future.

The Jebusites are one of the indigenous tribes of Canaan that the Israelites defeated in the conquest of the Land of Israel, while Arabs are originally from Arabia. King David’s success in wresting Jerusalem from the Jebusites is clearly described in the Bible. The First Temple was built by David’s son Solomon in the city.

The Muslim Qur’an makes no mention of Jerusalem at all. Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 637 CE, five years after Muhammad’s death and more than 500 years after the Second Temple was destroyed by Roman legions.

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