Standup comic barred from police event after offensive jokes

August 1, 2016  

The International Police Association (IPA) cancelled a scheduled performance of the comic Adir Miller at an upcoming event in Jerusalem honoring police forces, after he made offensive jokes about police on his TV show, “Miller’s Corner.”

Eran Yisrael, representing the IPA, explained the decision: “Miller, a well-known and respected artist with good humor, was supposed to be the headliner of the event, except that he chose to make fun of police in a demeaning, offensive manner. Many policemen objected to this, and therefore it was decided to replace Miller with another artist,” he said.

“We appreciate good, healthy humor and talent, but in this case, there was no room to bring an artist that demeans police to an event honoring police. May the event be filled with humor, happiness and honor for police forces.”

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