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Saudi Bombers Used Heroin Before Attacks

Forensic examination of the remains of suicide bombers who carried out terror attacks in Saudia Arabia revealed they were injected with heroin before blowing themselves up.

Dr. Yusuf Rumaih told Saudi newspaper Al Watan officials in Riyadh sent the samples of remains of the terrorists to three foreign countries, where the results showed the presence of heroin in their bodies.

Rumaih said this indicated the drug allowed them to “commit suicide with indifference as they were promised paradise with virgins.”

Rumaih said terrorist planners frequently use sexual lures to recruit youth for suicide missions, in addition to easy access to anesthesia and heroin to drug them.

Reports of suicide bombers being injected with pain killers or heroin have been reported in other terrrorist hot zones, like Afghanistan and Iraq, but no forensic corroboration has been provided.

Terrorist organizations often have copious quantities of opium and heroin on hand, the trade of which provides a major revenue stream for terror insurgencies and operations.

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