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Rivlin: Don’t Set Prisoner Negotiation Terms into Law

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin is recommending that Israel not set into law its terms for negotiating with terrorists.

The MK said Sunday that subjecting such terms to a law would limit the government’s ability to negotiate with terrorists.

The government should be able to use its judgment in dealing with such issues, said Rivlin, who made his remarks following talks with President Shimon Peres.

The two men were meeting to discuss a report on options for dealing with terrorists during negotiations for captive soldiers and other Israelis.

The Almagor terror victims’ organization demanded last week that the government immediately publish the recommendations of the Shamgar Committee.

The committee, appointed to investigate a policy for dealing with potential soldier abductions, is expected to set stricter guidelines which will limit the government’s options during talks.

Chief government negotiator David Meidan and the team that was involved in the negotiations that last week freed kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit is expected to meet this week with members of the committee to offer their conclusions and recommendations.

Hundreds of terrorists with blood on their hands, who were serving multiple life sentences for murder, will have been freed at the conclusion of the prisoner swap deal, which will end with the release of 1,027 Palestinian Authority inmates from Israeli prisons. Last week, in the first phase of the prisoner exchange, 477 terrorists were freed, with more than 100 being sent to Gaza and dozens of others deported to Turkey, Qatar and Syria. 

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