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Report: Syrian Vice President Killed in Bombing

Where is Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Sharaa? This question continues to evade the Arab media.

The Jordanian newspaper Country News reports that according to sources in the Free Syrian Army, contact with the Syrian Vice President has not been established  for the past several days.

It has been speculated that al-Sharaa was killed during a random bombing campaign on the Syrian-Jordan border by the Syrian Air Force, and his body is still lying under the rubble. This report has not been backed by any other news source.

In Jerusalem it has been speculated that this story is a spin by the Free Syrian Army in order to assist al-Sharaa in leaving Syria. If al-Sharaa is thought to be dead the Syrian army will stop random bombings along escape routes on Syria’s southern border, which would allow al-Sharaa to slip into Jordan.

Al-Sharaa was reported to have disappeared ten days ago and was believed to have been in the area of Daraa ahead of his escape to Jordan. The Syrian Government, believing they had tracked down al-Sharaa, started randomly bombing points on the Syrian-Jordanian border in an attempt to prevent his escape. Furthermore, other news sources have reported significant movement of Syrian army armored units and ground troops around the area of Daraa, in southern Syria.

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