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Report: Bibi Sought Support for PA Hate Education

Israel’s leaders may be among those making it possible for the Palestinian Authority to teach hate and violence to a new generation of children, according to new findings from veteran investigative reporter David Bedein.

Bedein has long been involved in exposing incitement in PA schools – incitement often made possible by United States funding. During a current trip to the U.S. he spoke to senior officials about the issue, only to be told that Israel’s own government wants the funding to continue.

Officials in the White House explained that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had asked the U.S. to continue providing aid to the PA, including to PA schools and to UNRWA, one of the primary sources of incitement. “I could hardly believe my ears,” Bedein told Arutz Sheva.

The government showed increased awareness of PA incitement earlier this year following the horrific massacre of five members of the Fogel family. Their deaths at the hands of two young PA killers – who were all smiles in court and have not expressed regret – was seen by many as the result of incitement to hate in PA schools.

Following the slayings, Israel launched a PA incitement index to keep tabs on the issue of hate education, in an attempt to influence the PA to address the issue.

Israeli leaders recently urged the international community to continue providing aid to the PA despite the PA’s plan to seek UN recognition as a state rather than negotiate with Israel. Part of the international aid goes to terrorist murderers in Israel’s prisons.

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