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Report: Anarchists Collecting Intelligence for Terrorists

Foreign and Israeli anarchists are helping terrorists to gather intelligence, Yehudah Hendler of Esh Kodesh said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

The anarchists, he said, help Arabs from Palestinian Authority enclaves to force their way into Jewish towns, ostensibly to harvest olives – an activity that has served as cover for terrorism on past occasions, he said.

The murderers of five members of the Fogel family used the olive harvest as an excuse to gather information on the victims’ town and to plan their attack, Hendel noted.

“Experience shows that they come together with the terrorists to gather intelligence before the attack. Today we know that the two killers of the Fogel family arrived during the olive harvest to gather information on penetration into the community,” Hendler said.

“Now these people are bringing terrorists to more towns in order to help them carry out attacks,” Hendel declared. “Their claims that they came to harvest olives are lies, they ‘harvested’ from old and sick trees and barely had a single bucket of olives after three hours.”

“Last Friday, hundreds of Palestinians came to our region to harvest in our communities – accompanied by the anarchists,” Hendler explained. “This was done without necessary military coordination, and any uncoordinated incursion could be prove to be life-threatening.”

Hendler said he hoped the IDF would take the necessary steps to avoid walkabouts by Anarchists and potential terrorists in Jewish communities.

“We went down to where they were and asked them to leave, and they did leave. But we hope that the army will be more decisive in the future. We feel that the army does not react strongly enough to these provocations and need to actively block entry to our community.”

Several anarchist groups, such as ISM and its affiliates, have allied themselves with the ‘Palestinian cause.’ Many endorse ‘armed struggle’ [terrorism -ed.] against Israel, while at once claiming to be ‘rights activists’ or ‘opposed to violence.’

Their activities frequently include entering closed military zones, harrassing Jewish residents and soliders in Judea and Samaria, setting fire to Jewish orchards and vinyards, interfering with counter-terrorism operations, knowingly distributing food and money to known terrorists, and vandalizing IDF materials and vehicles.

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