Regev: New broadcasting authority ‘a big mistake’

July 31, 2016  

The Israeli cabinet weighed on Sunday the possible postponement of the implementation of a new public broadcasting corporation that would replace the current government-run Broadcasting Authority.

Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev was among those that voiced opposition to implementing the new broadcasting authority prematurely: “It’s a big mistake to pass the law in its current form [in light of the current status of the new proposed corporation]. There’s no responsibility without authority. There’s no way that the Minister of Communication has no control over appointments and management of the public broadcasting corporation, which is funded from public money,” she charged.

Regev elaborated on the problematic nature of the new authority: “They’re just establishing another club that doesn’t go by the guiding principles of public broadcasting, such as fair representation and multiculturalism, which will ensure that a variety of voices within Israeli society are heard.”

Earlier it was reported that the Speaker of the Coalition, MK David Bittan, is himself proposing a law that would seek to close the new corporation altogether – before it even goes on the air.

Bittan told his proposal to other Likud ministers at a meeting this morning. He apparently plans to gain support for his new bill during the upcoming break in government meetings.

He explained that because the Public Broadcasting Authority has become more efficient lately, and the “television tax” associated with the Authority has been cancelled altogether, there is not even a need for a new broadcasting corporation.

In the meantime, plans for the new corporation to go on air are continuing, with the new brand-name just revealed: “Kan” [“Here”].

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