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Record Number of Women to be Protecting Israel’s Borders

Over 300 young women to begin their Border Police training. Due to high demand, the corps is planning to form two additional companies, which for the first time in its history will consist of a majority of female officers.Record number of female recruits will soon be protecting Israel's borders

A record number of female recruits have joined the Border Police this week, heralding a policy shift that seeks to substantially increase women’s service in the force. Currently, 320 women are slated to begin their training as part of the border security branch of the Israel Police.

The Border Police began deploying female officers in combat roles about 25 years ago, pioneering the move for the rest of the security forces. Recruits are usually screened for these roles as part of the conscription process Israeli teens undergo at the age of 18.

Demand among potential servicewomen is expected to be just as high ahead of future recruitment rounds. According to data obtained by Israel Hayom, 26% of recruits in August 2021 named joining the Border Police as their first choice, and almost 90% of all recruits named joining the border security branch as a preference in general. 

According to the military data, for every 10 recruits wishing to join the Border Police, there is only one spot available. To that end, Border Police Commissioner Amir Cohen instructed the corps to establish two more companies in the upcoming year, which for the first time in Border Police history will have a majority of female officers. 

According to senior corps officials, the plan is for 65% of manpower in these companies to consist of female officers. 

Female Border Police officers (Israel Police)

Currently, female officers make up about 35% of the Border Police’s entire operational manpower. They hold key positions in every unit and also hold professional roles, such as combat medics, dog trainers, detectives, weapons operators, and more.

The first such company will be established as soon as the recruits complete their training on Aug. 21. They will be stationed in the Jenin sector in the West Bank, a strategic area for Israel’s internal security and one infamous for being a hub of terrorist activity.

Cohen commended the new recruits, saying, “Now is your turn to join the corps whose purpose is to keep Israel safe,” he said. “I am proud to be in charge of the corps that is setting an example to all of society by integrating and training female officers. From now on, the responsibility lies on you, that of being a Border Police officer. May you carry it with pride until the end of your training and in your future service.”


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