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Prosor Working to Keep US From Having to Use Veto

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor said Thursday he is working to create a bloc of seven votes against PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ statehood bid in the Security Council on Friday.

“We’re still trying to get a block of seven countries,” Prosor told the Hebrew-language Walla! 

Prosor said he was working with US diplomats to create a bloc against the PA bid in order to render the promised US veto of Abbas’ move moot, thereby saving Washington political capital.

“The purpose of building the bloc is to allow space for political maneuvering,” Prosor explained.

For PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ statehood gambit to pass it must gain nine affirmative votes in the 15-member Security Council with no permanent members exercising their veto.

Israel only needs seven votes in the council to defeat the measure without the US exercising its veto because Nigeria has said it will abstain.

Several Security Council members, notably veto-wielding England and France, have not announced their votes hoping Abbas can be persuaded to drop his bid and return to negotiations as the clock runs out.

According to Prosor, the Security Council is not expected to vote on Abbas’ resolution until Friday afternoon.

“After all of the speeches, Abu Mazen must submit his request to the Security Council,” Prosor explained. “I hope I have enough time to build the bloc and put the United Nations back on the path of direct negotiations.”

“The Palestinians need to stop speech making,” Prosor told Arutz Sheva during an interview on Thursday, “and come back to peace making.”

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